Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Birthday Girl (& Brother)

I wanted to Princessify the Scout Hut where we were having Erin's party and found these wonderful scene setters. You could get all sorts of add on's but I just got the Happy Birthday Princess one with all the princesses around it (hidden by table in picture). You wouldn't know it from the picture but Erin was thrilled with it.

Here she is enjoying her lunch. The plates were from the pound shop and I decorated them with stick on gems. The water bottles were just the disposable sports bottles that I took the labels off and made my own for them to fit in with the theme. Only problem is Erin now wants Princess water as opposed to normal water!

And just to prove big brother didn't get left out here is Connor with his party bag. He was good as gold throughout the party quietly colouring in the corner and helping when I needed him to. He obviously would not have liked the goody bags the rest of the guests were having and so we got him the new Lego Indiana Jones game for the Wii as a treat. I'd wrapped it in fairy paper to make sure he didn't work out earlier on that it was for him.

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