Friday, 19 March 2010

Princess Party Goody Bags

Erin decided she wanted a Princess Party for her 4th birthday and I was more than happy to oblige with it being pink, girly and free from little boys. I had great fun making the party bags, the contents of which are pictured here.

They included:-

Princess colouring sheets printed off the internet.

Easter crackers that were reduced last Easter in Asda from £3 for a box of 6 to 75p a box.

The personalised chocolate bars are Nestle Animal Bars with the wrappers taken off and then personalised ones done on the computer.

The bookmark (picture shows front and back) was made with gorgeous ribbon from Costco stuck onto pink paper, and then the princess picture and writing printed off the computer and stuck on the other side, there were then laminated.

The little purple boxes were plain ones I picked up years ago and new I would have a use for someday. I covered them in holographic wrapping paper and they had little jewellery sets in (reduced in Matalan).

The flannel cupcakes were made with Wilkinson's flannels, held together with pink hair elastic and a small foil covered egg was placed in the middle. As I had no Cupcake wrappers I made some using card covered in recycled Christmas wrapping paper and then cut with the children's fancy scissors.
The crown cookies were in lieu of cake. Erin wanted a very complicated castle cake and as the family party is in the afternoon I wasn't making two cakes. I love the edible glitter on them as it really sparkled. I got very funny looks in Wilkinson's picking out the pink chocolate smarties in the pick and mix.

I originally wanted to get some lovely organza totes I had seen for all the goodies at 50p each. However due to them only seeling them in packs of 10 I decided against the additional cost. I got brown lunch bags from Quality Save which are a bargain. I added pink pull bows to these that I got off the internet (seemed to smell of petrol rather to start with!). I must admit I was rather pleased with the simplicity of the bags and each one had a pink balloon on a stick stuck in them.

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